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Vampire: the Requiem larp - Live Action Role Playing in California

About Vampire: the Requiem larp

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New larp starting up, Vampire: the Requiem.

Tired of the old World of Darkness? Come try something new and exciting.

Character creation will be this Friday, the 26th at 8 o'clock. We tend to meet on the steps of the Campbell library

Background information can be found here...

(from the website)
I will have some introductory information about the state of the city at the character building session this Friday.

There's a lot of stuff I'll need to go over but here is a quick comparison. For those who are familiar with the series, Silicon City is going to be a lot like the city in Dark Angel.

In 1986, the cities of Santa Clara County incorporated into a single city as part of the areas rapidly increasing importance on global business and renamed themselves the already coined 'Silicon City'.

In just a dozen years the city grew into herald of international businss, a metropolis with scores of skyscrapers, a raised rail transit system and 'Sleep where you work' lavish apartment complexes elegantly wedged between new-art buisness parks and underground malls.

In the Requiem; the Daeva and Ventrue of the Carthian Movement flourished with the cities growth while the Invictus struggled to keep a serious power base within Silicon City. It was suspected that it was the machinations of the Invictus which lead to the global computing catastrophe on January 1st, 2000.

Whether by the delicate hands of Kindred in a power war for Silicon City, or by simple negligence.... several major Silicon City internet hubs responsible for the day to day business of millions of companies around the globe, including banks and trading markets, just stopped working. While most of the worlds businesses had prepared for the the Y2K bug, no one ever anticipated that these key infrastructures that were so critical would be overlooked.

In a matter of days, the economy of the United States took a nose dive. Countries around the world with close ties to American business took their hits as well, but they were able to recover much easier.

Silicon City itself took quite a beating in the aftermath of Y2K. Riots and looting took place around city as denizens were cut off from work, home and markets while the cities transit system was shut down. But worse yet was the massive containment breach at the Silicon City Nuclear Power Plant on January 3rd. The core went critical and exploded, releasing a fallout of dust, smoke and radiation over the city.

Many mortals fled the city in the wake of destruction, but some too stubborn or unable to manage a hasty exit found themselves trapped in quarantine for almost a year.

As the Cathians and the Invictus fled Silicon City, finding it's current situation none too productive for either of their ends; the other covenenants moved into to fill the void.

The Lancea Sanctum backed the "Silicon City Church of Good Hope", which provided aid to many of the citizens in the form of food, blankets and medication needed to combat radiation sickness. Many of the city are still beholden to the Church for regular access to that medicine today.

Still other citizens had a crisis of faith, and turned to alernative religion for the answers to their problems. Backed by the Circle of the Crone, "The Twilight Center", a hybrid educational instituition and self-awareness program invited apprentices to join with their message of how the Suffering of the people of Silicon City will in turn lead to their enlightmenment. The Twilight Center takes it's apprentices committements very seriously, and has been known to get involved in every aspect of their lives. Still, those who have found refuge with the Twilight Center do seem to have regained a higher standard of living than most of Silicon City.

But perhaps the most unintrusive, and yet strangely powerful force in the Requiem is the return of the Ordo Dracul. Drawn in numbers to Silicon City for unknown reasons, the Dragon has taken up a seat of power in the city which is as yet uncontested. The seemingly hallowed grounds of the flattened power plant have been rebuilt into their research complex.

(More to come)
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